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  • Víkendové pobyty
  • Teambuildingové akce
  • Vinné sklepy
  • Relaxační a zažitková turistika
  • Cykloturistika
  • Rybářský ráj
  • Vodní sporty

Pálavské Vinohrady
Novomlýnská nádrž


Rodinná dovolená v Tatrách
Penzion Pod Tatrami


Palava Resort

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  • Weekend stays
  • Teambuilding events
  • Winery
  • Relaxation and adventure tourism
  • Biking
  • Fisherman's paradise
  • Water sports
  • Family holiday
  • Sightseeing holiday
  • Holidays with children
  • Long-term rental apartments

    Reservation Apartments
    For reservation accommondation possible use only email. After send email, waiting confirm termin reservation:



We open a new apartment in Vinohrady area Pálava

Stay in the first new apartments in the heart of South Moravia.

The summer season is finished in Moravia unique project that provides accommodation for individuals and families in private with all the comforts and the best availability.



Palava Apartments

The apartments are part of a house about two patrech.Na each floor there are three apartments, each with its own terrace and seating, greenery and a beautiful view of the countryside and water area Mušovských lakes.More



What you're going??

Relaxing holidays, adventure holidays in the form of active rest. We provide organized trips, bike tours, wander wine region. Our goal is satisfied guests who come to us will be happy to return. Palava Vinohrady complex due to its location offers countless variety of activities or just relax in comfortable rooms with vešekrým conceived amenities.More



Examples of visualization of accommodation space

In the section photo gallery you can see the visualization offered apartments. The apartments are modern and up-scale comfortable style, which certainly relaxes quickly, odpočnete from the everyday bustle.